“Parenting Without Conflict” Course

Erly Family Solutions, LLC, has partnered with www.OurFamilyWizard.com to offer a new solution for separating couples: “Parenting Without Conflict.” This is more than a communication skills course. “Parenting Without Conflict” teaches parents how to use www.OurFamilyWizard.com to co-parent with accountability. All communication is through the website. If necessary there is a comprehensive & authenticated record for the Courts. No more expensive “He Said vs. She Said” disputes.

How is this done? By Court Order. Over 35 states have entered orders requiring parents to communicate through www.OurFamilyWizard.com (click here to see a model order). While “Parenting Without Conflict” will benefit all children of separating parents, it is particularly effective for high conflict couples. Completion of “Parenting Without Conflict” and the mandatory use of www.OurFamilyWizard.com provides an ideal foundation for Parent Coordination for those cases where greater supervision/intervention/structure is required.

An Overview of “Parenting Without Conflict”:

Communication Image1st Session:

  • Gather Family Information
  • Introduction to Our Family Wizard website
  • Set-up OFW Account and Permission for Professional Access
  • Scan Parenting Agreement, Court Orders, etc… to OFW
  • Make “Homework Assignments” to Each Parent for 2nd Session

2nd Session:

  • Approximately 2 weeks after 1st Session
  • Confirm Parents Proficiency & Use of OFW
  • Supervision of all OFW Communications by Parents
  • Feedback & Suggestions for Improvement
  • Finalize Data Entry into OFW as Needed

Reporting to Court & Counsel:

  • EFS Certifies to Court & Counsel Course Completion
  • EFS provides Court & Counsel FREE Access to OFW
  • EFS provides Court & Counsel Passwords & Instructions

COST: Flat Fee of $350.00 per person; includes: